Implants and Precision Attachments

Unfortunately, there are many occasions where patients have too few natural teeth, to allow the construction of regular Crowns or Bridges. However, all is not lost! With the use of Implants or Precision Attachments it is now possible for these patients to have restorations that are either fully or partially fixed in place. (a far more attractive proposition for many people, than conventional dentures)


These are Titanium pillars, surgically implanted to create a post or posts for Crowns or Bridges to be cemented to.

These posts are used in much the same way as the ground down “pegs” of natural teeth.

Implants allow fixed restorations where normally, a conventional removable denture would be required.

Precision attachments

Where the cost of Implants is prohibitive, Precision Attachments provide an excellent and cost effective alternative.

These are precision made attachments incorporated into crowns and bridges, which allow much smaller, lighter denture sections to be held securely in place in the mouth. Apart from providing much more stable and secure dentures, they do away the need for unsightly metal bands (or clasps) around the teeth, or thick layers of acrylic in the roof of your mouth!