Crowns and Bridges

Metal Free Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Because the new generation of high strength ALL CERAMIC materials do not need to have a metal core inside for strength. light can pass through them, just like a natural tooth!

As a result, these crowns and bridges can be outstandingly lifelike, and (subject to clinical considerations), they offer a real alternative to the long established “Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown High strength restorations

Crowns Bonded To Alloy

Historically, most Crowns and Bridges (crowns joined together to fill gaps) were made with an inner core of  alloy to give the necessary strength.

Modern Ceramic materials now make it possible to avoid the use of an alloy sub-structure in many cases, however there are still some clinical situations where it is unavoidable.

Very strong restorations can be achieved using this technique, and, using the latest techniques and materials employed by our Laboratory, excellent aesthetics too!

These type of crowns and bridges are also available from us with Yellow Gold sub-structures