Accurate Colour Matching

The process of matching your new restoration to your teeth is a challenging process. While many people believe there is only one colour of white for teeth, there is actually a whole spectrum of colours. To make your restoration perfect, it should match nay natural teeth beside it as closely as possible.

Here at Sherring-Lucas we go to great lengths to ensure that your new restoration  “colour matches” with your existing teeth, every time.

To have the colour of your teeth accurately matched, you may need to visit us. During your visit we will carry out a detailed assessment of your tooth colour, with the aid of our modern electronic shade registration system, and of course an experienced human eye.
Details such as colour, texture, lustre and translucency are also registered,  with all information  then recorded, along with a set of digital photo’s for a minimum of 5 years.

Of course, we are always available and happy to discuss your dental treatment and answer any questions you may have about the restoration work and its construction.