All-Ceramic & Composite

We offer a choice of four All-Ceramic systems, plus Ceramage Composite

 Pressed Ceramic

The cutting edge of pressable ceramics, IPS Emax offers excellent strength, aesthetics and accuracy. Bonded in position, it is recommended for Crowns, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays.

 Lava Milled Zirconia

An exceptionally high-strength all-ceramic system, utilising a milled zirconia oxide framework. Ideal for larger span bridgework and discoloured preparations.

Standard Zirconia

A strong yet cost-effective alternative to the pioneering Lava Zirconia

Milled from Solid Zirconia, these restorations offer an aesthetic and cost-effective alternative to full gold crowns. Extremely High in Strength, and supplied with a 5 Year Guarantee against fracture!

 Composite System

This highly aesthetic “new generation” composite from Shofu, has good strength & accuracy. It also retains a high polish & is easily adjustable. In addition, we offer a fibre reinforcement option(essential for Maryland Bridges)